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Mona Helal Construction LLC

Basement and Home Remodeling Section

Basement Remodeling

When we got that project, we found out that will be a challenging project. The customer requested to transfer this empty basement space into room, full bathroom and gym area

First; Check out the Basement's first look after we added the frames:

Second; We install the dry wall, mud and sand

At the end, Our finish is described as OUTSTANDING!

That is Why Our Custom give us 5 Starts For all projects we took care of.

Another Remodeling Success Story 

Our Customer was looking for remodeling her basement to embrace more fun time!

We Created a new Bathroom and play room for pool table and video games


We took care of all details and we made the the dry wall. 

The finish is awesome as well

We made a new bathroom

Our customers described us as the most professional general contractor in central Pennsylvania 

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